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Recommended Reading

Tracking for Search and Rescue Dogs – Boguslaw P. Gorney

Scent – Training to Track, Search & Rescue - Pearsall & Verbruggen

Following Ghosts – John Rice & Suzanne Clothier

Culture Clash – Jean Donaldson PhD

Excel-erated Learning – Pamela Reid

How Dogs Learn – Burch & Bailey

Search and Rescue Dogs – Training Methods by American Rescue Dog Assoc
K9 Professional Tracking – Resi Gerritsen & Ruud Haak

K9 Suspect Discrimination – Adee Schoon & Ruud Haak

Ready! The Training of the Search & Rescue Dog by Susan Bulanda


Available at www.dogwise.com or www.temerondetselig.com

Oregon K9 Search Teams uses motivational training methods. The books listed here contain a variety of training methods, some of which we would not use. The list is for educational reference only and is not an endorsement of all of the training methods included in the books.