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Is Your Dog a Good Fit for K9 SAR?

Good Dog Candidates For Search & Rescue

A Lean Healthy Dog
The younger teh better, but a young adult dog can still be a great candidate.
Loves People
Persistent About Fetch Or Tug
Will Persist To Find Something Hidden
A Medium To Large Size Dog (Not Giant)

NOT Good Dog Candidates For Search & Rescue
Shy or Fearful dogs
Dogs with aggression issues
Dogs with medical issues
Dogs that have had hip, knee or other replacements
Older dogs

All dogs must pass the AKC Canine Good Citizen Test within 12 months of joining or by the time the dog is 24 months of age, whichever is longer. Classes for this test and the test itself are available from many local pet dog training organizations.

What does the Canine Good Citizen Test consist of?
The Canine Good Citizen Test has ten parts. Each part of the test consists of regular, everyday occurrences. A normal, well-behaved dog should have no difficulty passing.

Part One: Allowing a friendly stranger to approach.
Part Two: Sitting calmly and politely to be petted.
Part Three: Allowing handling for grooming and physical examination.
Part Four: Heeling politely on a loose lead.
Part Five: Walking calmly through crowded areas.
Part Six: Sit and down on command.
Part Seven: Coming when called.
Part Eight: Greeting another well-behaved dog without aggression or excitement.
Part Nine: Handling distractions and distracting environments.
Part Ten: Behaving well when in the care of another person when the owner or trusted handler is out of sight.


Dog finding kids in a fun training session!

Search dogs interact & play with the people they find in training - dogs that like all kinds of people are needed for K9 SAR.

Oregon K-9 Search Teams does not discriminate based on breed.