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Interested In K9 SAR?

We are looking for people with particular characteristics:

  • Some skills to succeed in SAR training: dog training experience, outdoor or wilderness skills, or other related skills.
  • A good life-style fit: a flexible schedule, lots of time, active outdoor life style, and a career/family situation that supports the big time commitment required.
  • A good personality fit: friendly, attentive, willing and able to learn, helpful to others, respectful of authority, self-starting, responsible, safety-conscious
  • Financially Sound - a good financial situation (SAR is expensive). Each member pays his or her own expenses for gear, training and travel costs.

  • Interested in certifying to be mission ready and respond to search call-outs.
We are not a recreational organization; if you are looking for something fun and rewarding to do with your dog, but not interested or able to devote the huge time, energy, and cost commitment required of search and rescue, we can refer you to many other dog sports groups for a great time with your dog.

Oregon K-9 Search Teams does not discriminate based on
age, race, gender, or sexual orientation.