OK9ST Portland Oregon

Oregon K-9 Search Teams Home

(Established in 2002)

OK9ST trains and certifies K9 teams to respond to searches for lost people at the request of federal, state, county or local law enforcement agencies throughout the Pacific Northwest. OK9ST may only accept search callouts from law enforcement agencies. Please contact your local sheriff or other law enforcement to request assistance if you have a concern about a lost person.
We are members of and affiliated with the Yamhill County Sheriff SAR Team

Oregon State Sheriffs’ Association Certified K9 Teams Available

Wilderness Air-scent K9 Teams
Cadaver and Human Remains Detection K9 Teams
Water Recovery K9 Teams


We certify to Oregon State Sheriffs’ Association K9 SAR standards. We are serious and passionate about training search dogs for deployment, resulting in our tight knit group and high percentage of certified dogs. We help each other train to get certified and go on missions to save lives.