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OSSA SAR Certification

The Human Side of the Team

To be eligible to respond to searches all members must attend a county SAR academy in the State of Oregon, pass written and field performance certification tests and receive a "SAR ID Card" from the county. This academy is offered typically one-time per year in the spring over the course of several weeks or months. What you will learn:

– Wilderness Survival
– Map, Compass & GPS
– Radio Communications
– Man Tracking
– Rescue Techniques
– Working With Aircraft, ATV’s, & Horses
– Search Techniques
– 1st Aid & CPR
– Crime Scene Management

Support Personnel - A number of members are not dog handlers, but are “Support” – the integral 3rd leg on the dog team (Handler, Dog, Support). For those who don’t have or don’t want to have a dog, but enjoy K9 SAR, and have less time to train, it’s a great opportunity and wonderful contribution to the group.

Link to Oregon Emergency Management – Oregon State Sheriffs’ Assoc Personnel Standards Oregon State Minimum SAR Standards (word)


Map & Compass Training


Out in the Woods in inclimate weather.


Survival skills - building an emergency shelter.